A list of human qualities that contribute to greatness is given below.

Each great person had unique combinations of these. (Each also had qualities that were the opposite of these) Please offer your comments by clicking the Discussion tab above.

  • Caught the emerging social wave
  • Worked hard on endeavor
  • Had extraordinary energy, vitality (Napoleon)
  • Was single-minded in intent (Churchill)
  • Took necessary practical steps
  • Followed the process of creation from vision to manifestation
  • Met head on the challenges of life; strength (Winston Churchill)
  • Envisioned the future (Leonard daVinci, Steve Jobs)
  • Intuitive capacity (Albert Einstein)
  • Highly knowledgeable in field (Bill Gates)
  • Concerned more with the object of greatness than personal reward
  • Learned from mistakes
  • When knocked down, was able to get up; persevere; were unfazed by difficulties
  • Extremely persistent
  • Unflinching will and determination
  • Was extremely focused on the issue at hand
  • Could envision the Next Step in their domain
  • Was able to cull pieces together form others
  • Came up with highly original solutions.
  • Applied deep personal values
  • Opoened-minded to others' views
  • Deeply interested in the subject matter
  • Felt pleasure in going through the process; really enjoyed what they did
  • Were highly confident
  • Were highly skilled, and/or educated
  • Took to positive attitudes on right occasions
  • Made right cross-road decisions
  • Attracted life response results through aspirations, attitudes, decisions, and actions
  • Lived in societies supportive of, or ready to be supportive of their intent
  • Had a holistic view of their domain
  • Had an unprecedented view in their domain
  • Were geniuses in their field
  • Took up the opportunities that presented themselves
  • Made the right connections and associations with others
  • Eagerly sought to solve a problem
  • Loved the challenge
  • Could convince others in to their position
  • Thought for themselves; not influenced by the herd
  • Were still inside in the face of adversity
  • Had fine psychological/people skills
  • Had inner faith in the process and outcome
  • Were driven forward by adversity (Joe Montana)
  • Were organized in the extreme
  • Were detail oriented
  • The society was subconsciously disposed in their favor
  • A movement from character to True Individuality (Personality)
  • Listened well to the good advice of others
  • Were willing to change in light of the realities that presented themselves
  • Made powerful alliances
  • Looked on the positive side of things (Henry V)
  • Melded disparate domains, disciplines into something coherently new
  • Were brave in the extreme

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