Henry V is a 1989 film directed by Kenneth Branagh, and based upon the Shakespeare play about the famous English King.

Life Response in Henry V


Life response is the phenomenon where sudden good fortune comes our way due to changes in our consciousness within. E.g., an individual overcomes a negative attitude, and immediately thereafter receives word of positive circumstance, even though he has not yet even conveyed that new attitude to anyone. It is one of the unseen, subtle secrets of life.

In Henry V, the king was able to marshal the energies of his troops to such a degree that he was able to defeat the French army in an all-important battle despite the fact that his forces were outnumbered 5 to 1, and in poor condition.

How was he able to do this?

The common view is that he inspired them to action. It is of course true. His famous Saint Crispin's Day speech went to the very depths of being, bringing out the true meaning and purpose of their fight -- inspiring the troops in the extreme. And yet even that might not be enough to overcome such overwhelmingly odds. There must have been some other quality expressed that could attract such marvelous results.

Hark back to the night before the battle when he walked round and spoke in disguise with a few of his soldiers. His show of concern for them was moving and profound, and surely energized them and contributed to the great victory. In addition, he issued forth a deep and profound prayer for victory. Life would indeed respond favorably to such self-giving behavior and to that expression of a deep spiritual faith. And yet there was one other factor that contributed mightily to that extraordinary outcome.

For a long time before this battle, Henry expressed an unusual tenderness towards the opposing forces. He repeatedly warned his warriors not to rape, pillage, or otherwise seek vengeance in any way if his side was victorious. This is was an extremely compassionate view for a leader; one that only added to the other positive qualities he was expressing

In the end, it was Henry’s power to lead and inspire, his decidedly optimistic attitude, his profound prayer for success, and his deep compassion for both his own soldiers as well as the enemy that sowed the seeds of his magnificent victory. No army, no force, no opposing will can stand in the way of that unique combination of will, strength, compassion, and goodness. Life will tend to cooperate from all sides, as it did in the battle that followed.

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