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When the social forces are pressing in a particular direction or the subconscious force of individual aspirations is well formed, life brings about circumstances and events that appear to the superficial view as remarkable coincidences, luck or chance events.

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  1. Life takes continuous initiative to bring Eliza and Darcy together without the initiative of either of them. Bingley and Sir Lucas both request Darcy to ask Eliza to dance
  2. A powerful subconscious urge of the society to bring the two classes closer together expresses in the lives of two people who are receptive to that vibration.

  3. Lydia proposes a walk into Meryton during which Jane, Eliza and Collins meet Wickham, Bingley and Darcy.
  4. Lydia desperately wants to go to Brighton where the officers are camped after they leave Meryton. Life responds to her desire when Mrs. Forester, the Colonel’s wife, invites her to come with them.
  5. The Gardiners invite Eliza to Lake Country then change the plan for Derbyshire and then propose taking her to Pemberley.
  6. Darcy’s absence from Pemberley prompts Eliza to agree to visit his estate. Darcy unexpectedly arrived back at Pemberley a day early and just 10 minutes before Eliza and the Gardiner’s complete their tour of the estate.
  7. This enabled them to renew a relationship that both subconsciously sought but neither could consciously pursue after their previous confrontation.

  8. Pemberley housekeeper, Mrs. Reynolds, offers unsolicited information about Darcy’s and Wickham’s characters that supports Darcy’s assertions to Eliza.
  9. The housekeeper’s remarks answer a powerful subconscious urge in Eliza for confirmation of what Darcy had written to her.

  10. Only at the end of the story does initiative pass to Darcy, who goes to London to arrange Lydia’s marriage and then brings Bingley back to Netherfield.

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