The spiritual-oriented individual-

  • avoids fixation on marriage & its rituals; instead focusing on self-givingness, harmony, & love

  • avoids preoccupation with private property and its acquisition

  • does not resort to physical punishment (e.g. against children by parents)

  • does not force children to be like themselves

  • does not defer and look up to other’s power and influence

  • does not seek fame and personal recognition (they e.g. seek truth, new understanding instead)

  • is not compelled to broadcast themselves to others

  • does not proselytize (as it shows the shallowness of one’s tenets)

  • does not push and force life, instead waits for it to come to him

  • does not assert his position, instead constantly learns from others)

  • is not selfish, but constantly self-giving

  • avoids the herdal view, and thinks for himself

  • is not satisfied with a single truth (seeking to know the many sided truth of things)

  • does not seek answers through the hard churning of thought (but through intuition)

  • does not confine himself to the ordinary views of how time and space unfold

  • is not satisfied with empirical, mechanistic view of how life works and unfolds

  • is not bothered by the negative, as he sees their utility

  • is not constrained by the limits society has established, as he sees beyond them

  • does not confine himself to society’s values, but his own higher ones

  • is not swayed or satisfied with other’s opinions, but the true Truth of things

  • is not satisfied with the visible, but the subtle and invisible as well

  • is not attracted to gossip, knowing the mischief it creates

  • is not taken by the current fad or outlook, but the longer view

  • is not swept away by the tide of emotions in events, seeking the balance and truth of things instead

  • does not seek a plethora of friendships for its own sake

  • is not oriented outwardly, but inwardly

  • does not seek to be entertained, but to understand

  • does not seek vital interaction, but to connect through the heart, higher mind, and spirit

  • is not partisan towards a side, such as in sports, but seeks beauty & knowledge from it

  • is not overly influenced or deterred by another’s age, whether young or old

  • does not rebel for its own sake

  • does not obsess about sickness and illness; remaining calm, steady, and positive instead

  • is not agitated by broadcast opinions in e.g. the media, as he avoids them

  • is not prone to react, but to remain still, observant, and understanding

  • does not seek to perfect others, but to perfect himself

  • does not seek to offer opinions, rather to be still, wait, and learn

  • does not seek that which brings short term happiness, but long-term joy

  • is not prejudiced towards another in terms of their station and position

  • never feels condescending and superior, accept all as equal

  • does not complain about others, life, and is accepting instead

  • does not blame others, but takes responsibility

  • does not seek to do something else, but accepts the current givens life has set before him

  • avoids the surface, and seeks the depths

  • seeks Harmony, Oneness, Truth, Knowledge, Goodness, Creativity, Love, Beauty, and Delight of being

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