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Life moves at different speeds. Some initiatives accomplish or evoke a response from life after a prolonged period. Others bring almost instantaneous results. After reading Darcy’s letter at Hunsford, much or most of Eliza’s objections to his attentions fell away. Yet, it takes more than six months before life again brings them back together time at Pemberley. But when Elizabeth visits Pemberley and thrills in its glory, Darcy arrives within ten minutes, a full day before his scheduled return. What makes the difference?

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Since life is a field of force, the speed of life events is determined by the intensity of those forces. That intensity depends in turn on the plane of consciousness or part of being (mental, vital or physical) in which the force is generated. The mind is an instrument of knowledge and will. It has power to release the energy of the vital and the action of the physical, but it is the farthest removed from physical action and therefore the slowest medium for accomplishment. Mental acts express a force of will in the form of decisions. Decisions have a power to accomplish, but unless powered by vital energy and physical action, the time required may be quite long. The vital is the source of energy and enthusiasm. When the vital endorses the mind’s idea and decision, it releases the energy and enthusiasm of the personality for accomplishment. The greater the vital emotional intensity released, the more rapid and powerful the response of life. The physical is the seat of action. What the physical knows and accepts it acts on instantaneously. Therefore, when the physical experiences, decides or wants something, it tends to occur in the shortest possible time.

After reading Darcy’s letter at Hunsford, Eliza’s dislike and resentment against him were removed, but what she felt was at best a mental attraction to him, a respect for his character and a gratitude for his affection. Therefore, it took six months before life again brought them back together. Until her visit to Pemberley, Eliza was unable to experience the reality of Darcy’s offer of marriage in any tangible manner. But the act of physically setting foot on the property and in the house brought home to her physical being the reality of what had been offered to her and released a strong subconscious urge. Because that urge was released in the physical by her physical experience, Darcy arrived almost instantaneously.

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