Telepathy - Brain Communication

Telepathy is communication of brain waves from one mind to another mind.
There are many techniques for telepathy but here I mentioned proven technique of cosmic communication.

The best technique to gain telepathic power is meditation. We can send or receive thought using guided meditation. Meditation is also best way to concentration, visualization and communication. In this world, many people such as mental trainer and animal trainers communicate with another person or animal. Many peoples are learning a bird or animal communication language using telepathic power. Every person in this world can communicate through telepathy, we all have ability to communicate entirely using power of mind, but with right technique and proper guidance. It’s easy if you practice it regularly with proper guidance. Using this techniques, you can contact anyone you may wish to, but sometimes the message may delay because of mismatch of brain frequency. After you developed this skill, it will open many hidden skills and concepts in your mind which you are not aware about it.

Telepathy Facts

  • Telepathy is unconscious way of communication.
  • Unconsciously everyone did telepathy many times in life without aware of it.
  • Telepathy is nothing but brain communication medium.
  • Brain wave is also invisible and unaware waves like Bluetooth, WiFi, or any radio wave.
  • Once practice it properly, one can transfer message to another person, animal or bird at any corner of world.
  • Telepathy is fourth dimension communication technique.
  • Our thoughts and emotions has energy and telepathy is all about transferring energy.
  • In this world, everything made by atoms, atoms are accelerating constantly. Using benefits of atom acceleration, one can transfer atoms to one place from another using energy.  
  • We all aware that energy cannot be created or destroyed. But we are not completely aware that energy can be transferred.

​Telepathy Logical Understanding

The logic is nothing but awareness about energy, atoms and cosmic energy transfer process. In simple words, telepathy is cosmic energy transfer process. 

Every artificial things are made with energy. 

Every natural things are made with energy but it's nature's energy, it's not human energy.

Every person have unlimited potential to make change in this world but one is not aware about it, one is not aware how to use nature's energy, one is not aware how to transfer energy for benefits. 

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