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  • Ready for Higher Accomplishment? Learn how you can apply The Secret to advance your career, find romance or grow your personality.
  • Visit Life in the Movies to discover how you can derive deeper insight into the workings of life from your favorite movies. You can also add new films or comment on those that are listed.
  • The Internet is changing the world and our lives in ways we little understand. Find out how companies and individuals are Converting Internet into Social and Money Power.
  • Values are the source of all high accomplishment. Learn how you can accomplish more and grow your personality by a commitment to Personal values.
  • Examine the laws of Social Development governing the evolution of human consciousness and social organization and the stages of its progression.
  • Peel back the layers of the human onion skin to discover the Dimensions of Personality.
  • Explore the profound insights into the Character of Life that make Jane's Austen's Pride & Prejudice among the greatest novel's of all time.

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Gratitude has the power to attract the Giant to a dwarf. Want proof so that you too can attract prosperity to your family? Click here to read the article Gratitude Attracts Giant.

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HS transcends and unifies all the fields of social science and humanities. The objective of HS is to gain insight into the universal principles and processes underlying all fields of human activity and accomplishment -- individual and collective -- political, economic, social and artistic. HS is trying to make conscious a knowledge that humanity already possesses subconsciously. For more information see Human Science:Overview

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